Brooklyn Natural Hair And Art Salon Children's Braiding & Loc Special!

I've gotten SO MANY emails from parents asking if there's ANY WAY I would consider running a children's back to school braiding and loc special.

And since I realize that it is back to school time and the cost associated with new enrollments and for returning students (notebooks, books, clothes, shoes, book bags etc.) I decided the ONE THING that will not stand between YOUR child's self esteem of feeling and looking good is price.
I decided to DO IT.

Children's Braiding & Loc Special! 

Children's Braiding Starting ONLY $60

Children's Loc Special ONLY $60 Style Included 

FREE Special '1 - 1' private Natural Hair Consultation ($35 Value).

Yes, YOU, can ask me any and all the natural hair questions YOU can possibly muster.

YOU can ask us anything YOU want about YOURS or YOUR child or childrens hair and we'll give YOU help, advice and solutions to ANY problems (damaged hair, dry scalp, itching scalp etc).
We usually charge up to $35.00 for a natural hair consultation. But YOU'RE getting it for NOTHING... for YOU and YOUR family.

I'd love to have YOU (Mom/Dad) and YOUR child and/or all YOUR children join me and my daughter, Fajr, in our Bed-Suy, Brooklyn Natural Hair And Art Loc Salon this month.
I am so EXCITED to have my daughter, Fajr, work with me. So, this Family Special Offer is VERY Special to me.

It's all about family. I have extended our Natural Hair And Art Loc Salon Refer 5 Customers and GET YOURS Free to include YOU! I am having A Family Natural Hair And Art Loc Salon Day Special!

Refer or make an appointment for FIVE people (men, women and/or children) in YOUR family (mom, dad, and 3 children or mom or dad and 4 children or 5 sisters or 5 brothers) GET YOUR Natural Hair Braided Or Loc's Groom For FREE!

If YOU, have a big family, fear not!

For EVERY Natural Hair And Art Loc Salon 5 Referred Kept Appointment Customers YOU GET A FREE Salon Visit.

So What Exactly Does This Mean for YOU?

It means that YOU will be the one to talk with YOUR family members, make the salon appointment to lock in a family group hair salon date and organize YOUR family to come to the appointment.
In exchange for YOUR time YOU will get a free braiding or loc hair grooming salon day.
If YOU haven't already made an appointment make one for YOUR family TODAY!

Reserved the Natural Hair And Art Loc Salon for YOU and YOUR family now!

CALL 347-569-1413. We are waitng for YOU!

Thank YOU for taking the time to vist my blogs and I hope that just one of these Brooklyn Natural Hair And Art Loc Salon Specials will get YOU to call for an appointment and try our braiding and loc hair care services. We do our best to keep YOU as a customer:)
Be sure to call to secure YOUR family's hair salon group appointment.

CALL 347-569-1413 BOOK NOW!

Limited Time Special Offer!!!

We appreciate YOUR business and I'm sure YOU'LL love YOUR Family Natural Hair Salon Day.